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Getting Started

Welcome to Vue Test Utils, the official testing utility library for Vue.js!

This is the documentation for Vue Test Utils v2, which targets Vue 3.

In short:

What is Vue Test Utils?

Vue Test Utils (VTU) is a set of utility functions aimed to simplify testing Vue.js components. It provides some methods to mount and interact with Vue components in an isolated manner.

Let's see an example:

import { mount } from '@vue/test-utils'

// The component to test
const MessageComponent = {
  template: '<p>{{ msg }}</p>',
  props: ['msg']

test('displays message', () => {
  const wrapper = mount(MessageComponent, {
    props: {
      msg: 'Hello world'

  // Assert the rendered text of the component
  expect(wrapper.text()).toContain('Hello world')

Vue Test Utils is commonly used with a test runner. Popular test runners include:

  • Vitest. Terminal based, has experimental browser UI.
  • Cypress. Browser based, supports Vite, webpack.
  • Playwright (experimental). Browser based, supports Vite.
  • WebdriverIO. Browser based, supports Vite, Webpack, cross browser support.

Vue Test Utils is a minimal and unopinionated library. For something more featureful, ergonomic and opinionated you may want to consider Cypress Component Testing which has a hot reload development environment, or Testing Library which emphasizes accessibility based selectors when making assertions. Both of these tools use Vue Test Utils under the hood and expose the same API.

What Next?

To see Vue Test Utils in action, take the Crash Course, where we build a simple Todo app using a test-first approach.

Docs are split into two main sections:

  • Essentials, to cover common use cases you'll face when testing Vue components.
  • Vue Test Utils in Depth, to explore other advanced features of the library.

You can also explore the full API.

Alternatively, if you prefer to learn via video, there is a number of lectures available here.

Released under the MIT License.