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Testing Server-side Rendering

Vue Test Utils provides renderToString to test Vue applications that use server-side rendering (SSR). This guide will walk you through the process of testing a Vue application that uses SSR.


renderToString is a function that renders a Vue component to a string. It is an asynchronous function that returns a Promise, and accepts the same parameters as mount or shallowMount.

Let's consider a simple component that uses the onServerPrefetch hook:

function fakeFetch(text: string) {
  return Promise.resolve(text)

const Component = defineComponent({
  template: '<div>{{ text }}</div>',
  setup() {
    const text = ref<string | null>(null)

    onServerPrefetch(async () => {
      text.value = await fakeFetch('onServerPrefetch')

    return { text }

You can write a test for this component using renderToString:

import { renderToString } from '@vue/test-utils'

it('renders the value returned by onServerPrefetch', async () => {
  const contents = await renderToString(Component)

Released under the MIT License.